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Burbank Work Injury Lawyers can help you get the work benefits you deserve. If you have been injured on the job, call a Burbank Workman's Comp Lawyer today.Workers around Burbank and throughout Los Angeles County are frequently injured while working for large corporations and small businesses and construction sites.

Burbank, as you know, is home to numerous industries. The Burbank hospitality industry, movie industry, imports and exports industries are just a few. In all these industries, employees get hurt on the job. Even indoor office jobs can lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome from typing or a broken ankle from slipping on a wet floor. Burbank construction worker injuries are especially common.

In addition to other types of claims which are commonly referred to as "third party claims, if you have been injured while in the course and scope of employment, you probably have a California workers comp claim. California comp law may allow you to recover workers' compensation benefits. These benefits help replace lost wages so you can support your family during times of crisis. Work injuries can be particularly devastating because they put an employee in the uncomfortable spot of trying to get money from his or her employer while being unable to work and scared of losing his or her job. Workers' Compensation law is designed to allow an injured worker to recover regardless of whether the employer was directly responsible for the injury or not. Burbank Workers comp is, in essence a "no-fault" law in that even if the employee is "at fault" for their injury, this is not relevant to your right to work comp benefits.

There are many types of employers in Burbank. Colleges and universities such as the Woodbury University; University of California; Inter Coast Colleges; Glendale College; Occidental College; Los Angeles Valley College; all have many employees. Foto-Kem Industries Inc, Condusiv Technologies, Plastic Depot, and Karamof Chemical Inc. and other large businesses employ many people in dangerous jobs. If you are injured working for one of these universities or corporations, call a Burbank Workers' Compensation lawyer today. CA workers' comp may pay you for your injuries.

Burbank Workman's Comp Lawyers help you collect disability benefits in Burbank.Burbank Workers' Comp Lawyers Know What to Do To Help You

Work related injuries typically can be divided into two categories:

  1. Cases where there is, or should be, workers' compensation or worker's compensation insurance; or
  2. Cases where workers' compensation does not apply because of the nature of the specific type of employment, i.e., Burbank Maritime Injuries and Burbank FELA Railroad Injuries.

When Los Angeles County Workman's Comp May Not Apply

As indicated above, if you get hurt on the job in Burbank, then you should be entitled to comp benefits when you make your comp claim. However, there are some instances where you may not receive comp benefits. Some examples would include employee fighting at work or doing something clearly outside of the scope of employment, like getting shot while trying to complete a drug deal at work. As long as the injury was (1) incurred within the course & scope of employment and (2) the employer maintains workers comp insurance, the injured worker will be entitled to payment. The California Workers' Compensation Act is found in the California Labor Code. If you or a family member has been hurt on the job or has suffered a workplace related injury, please contact one of the experienced Burbank Workers' Comp lawyers listed on this page to help you get through the complicated paperwork and red tape associated with claims for workers' compensation benefits.

The following Burbank, CA job training companies and Burbank job placement organizations can help you prepare for a new job if your old Burbank employer has been violating the Labor Code.

Trademark Staffing Solutions
2412 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 840-1383

Kimco Staffing Solutions
14500 Roscoe Boulevard
Panorama City, CA 91402
(818) 728-0330
Versi Staffing Solutions
11929 Vose Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605
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L A Staffing Solutions
2112 West Whittier Boulevard
Montebello, CA 90640
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Partnership Staffing Solutions
8416 Lankershim Boulevard 201
Sun Valley, CA 91352
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Staffing Solutions Inc
516 West Whittier Boulevard
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 727-9056

Federal Workers' Compensation Law for Burbank, California - Postal & Other Federal Workers - Department of Labor Claims

Burbank FELA and Jones Act Lawyers help workers covered by federal laws.A Burbank work injury attorney will assist you in many ways, and always works hard to make sure that the right type of claim is filed in your case. For example, your Burbank work injury lawyer would make sure that federal government employees injured on the job seek recovery through federal law and the Department of Labor rather than just California state laws.

Federal law provides injured federal government workers, such as postal service workers and FEMA employees, federal workers' compensation for injuries occurring on the job or as a result of their employment with the federal government or a branch of the federal government. The federal workman's compensation scheme works similarly to how state law allows workers to recover Worker's Compensation from their California employer. This federal workers' compensation program is run by the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor also administers the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA), which provides compensation to longshoremen and other such workers if they are injured on the job. If you are a Burbank resident working for the federal government and you are hurt at work, contact a Burbank work accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the options available to you.

The Department of Labor claims office serving Burbank is located at:

Longshore District Office 18
Long Beach
U.S. Department of Labor
401 East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 720
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 980-3577
Fax: (562) 980-3587


What Can a Burbank Workers' Compensation Attorney Do if Your Employer Doesn't Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

California Law requires that nearly all employers purchase Workers' Compensation insurance. Even small employers are required to buy Workers' Compensation Insurance. Those that do not purchase insurance can be held responsible for paying the full damages suffered by their employees (California Labor Code, Section 3706). Employers may also face fines for failure to provide coverage. (§ 129.5. Penalties; schedule of violations; notice of assessment; violations found to be general business practice; proceedings). You may be able to recover more if your employer does not have insurance, but typically you will need to hire a Burbank Worker's Compensation lawyer because you are likely to encounter a legal battle if your employer has no workers' compensation insurance.

What is the Deadline to File for Workers' Compensation Benefits in California?

In California, injured employees should report injuries to their employer within 30 days, or they risk losing benefits. If an injury develops later, special rules may apply, but the employee should report it as quickly as possible. Contact a Burbank Workers' Compensation Attorney or Burbank Labor Lawyer quickly to make sure you receive the benefits you could be entitled to.

California Injured Workers Contact Information:

The Division of Workers' Compensation office for Burbank is located at:

320 West 4th Street, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 576-7335
For other offices in Californiaconsult the Division of Workers' Compensation Website.
Division of Workers' Compensation Headquarters
455 Golden Gate Avenue
9th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 703-4600

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CA Workers' Compensation Forms

Official Guide to California Workers' Compensation

If you have been injured in any type of Work Accident, contact a Burbank Workers' Compensation Attorney today.

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